Hx Nitro: The Ultimate Thermal Inkjet Printer

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Maplejet Coding & Marking Solutions

买足球竞彩最好appindustrial inkjet printer by maplejet are used in a wide variety of coding applications including primary and secondary package printing. hx and prodigits are employed across the range simplifies the learning curve as new printers are added.

the technology used in maplejet printers ensures that the widest range of ink types can be used so that more coding and marking applications can be addressed.

Service & Simplicity

maplejet prides itself on the service levels it offers to its customers. maplejet industrial inkjet printer is also designed to be simple to use and maintain so that down time is minimized. is maplejet’s counterpart in middle east & africa.

all maplejet hx nitro industrial inkjet printer takes advantage of the internet of things in the inkjet technology. this represents the best combination of quality, simplicity, reliability and connectivity in the coding and marking market.

Hx NITRO Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled

买足球竞彩最好apprevolutionize your coding and marking infrastructure with hx nitro’s internet of things (iot) ability.

  • Monitor real-time daily production
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Reduce ink consumption thru economy mode printing
  • Enhance packaging line performance



hx nitro is a smart simple machine and its simplicity allows us to stay low-cost, while providing smart abilities to monitor production lines and render advanced printer health check.


买足球竞彩最好apptime is gold and time is important to your business. unlike other industrial inkjet printer such as cij we eliminate the time needed for regular maintenance.


买足球竞彩最好appwe understand that your production demands speed and requires instant drying time, so we ensure to suit in your production the ink solution you need for your industrial inkjet printer.


Hx Nitro is extremely lite with industrial infrastructure providing flexibility to be installed in any lines from medium-sized to massive production area.

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